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Corona vaccination

Next vaccinations: Tuesday, June 9th, 4-6 pm
Registration via corona(at)praxis-dr-lahdo.de

- All individuals above 18 years of age can register for a vaccination at corona(at)praxis-dr-lahdo.de.
- Third vaccination (first booster shot): This is recommended for all individuals at least three months after the second vaccination. This also applies to patients with a weakened immune system, see our article.
- Fourth vaccination (second booster shot): The German Vaccination Commission (STIKO) has recommended a second booster at least three months after the first booster. More info can be found here.
- From April 7th, 2021 until May 24th, 2022 we have administered 2665 COVID-19 vaccinations.

Practice visits: In general, we kindly ask you to contact us before visiting the practice due to the Corona pandemic. You might use Signal messenger, e-mail oder phone. If possible please keep the phone free for those who are not comfortable with using modern media.

We will keep you up to date on our "Corona" page. Furthermore you can find reliable information on the CDC homepage. Current scientific summaries about Corona vaccines can be found here.

Wiesbaden, May 24th, 2022

Use Signal and e-mail, alternatively telephone

All suited matters should be dealt with using Signal or e-mail. Please keep the phone free for those of the elder generation who don't master the use of those media.

Consultation without personal appearance

Questions about your blood pressure or laboratory results can also be dealt with this way. We will talk with each other whether your presentation in person is indispensable.

Disinfection & protection masks

If your appearance in the practice is unavoidable, please disinfect your hands at the entrance and put a mask over mouth and nose. Nevertheless keep a distance of 1,5-2 meters (5-6 ft) between you and others.

Appointments instead of free consultation hours

To have as little people as possible in the practice, consultation hours without appointments will be cancelled and substituted by appointments. Please arrange an appointment ahead using Signal, e-mail oder the telephone.

Partial check-up

Check-ups will start again in March 2022. Certain examinations such as lung tests and stress tests will only be performed in vaccinated individuals.


In 2022 the practice will remain closed on these dates:

27.5. - 3.6.
4. - 8.7.
21.7. - 6.8.
26. - 30.9.
7. - 11.11.
27. - 30.12.

The following practices will be standing in for us:

  • Dr. K. Zinkel and B. Kinkel, Gutenbergplatz 1, Wiesbaden, Tel. 0611 / 23 86 29 00, homepage link
  • Dr. C. von Rohden, Bahnhofstr. 59, Wiesbaden, Tel. 0611 / 37 47 65, homepage link

Your practice team
Wiesbaden, May 24th, 2022